WILDE JUNGS - Unbesiegt - Ltd. 2-CD Digipak

WILDE JUNGS - Unbesiegt - Ltd. 2-CD Digipak
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  • DRAKKAR_227D
  • 05/26/2017
  • 884860176026
  • Wilde Jungs
  • Drakkar Entertainment
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Genre: Rock Rock is dead. So they said. Singing in German sucks. So they said. Good thing we... more
Product information "WILDE JUNGS - Unbesiegt - Ltd. 2-CD Digipak"

Genre: Rock

Rock is dead. So they said. Singing in German sucks. So they said. Good thing we didn’t listen: We’ve been lied to anyway! Best proof for this is the remarkable career of German rockers Wilde Jungs. With four equally honest and loud records under their belts, the Fulda based act grew from an underground phenomenon to a force to be reckoned with in no time at all. Today, they are an authentic and offensive band that will not be silenced. Now they spread their wings. And soar skyward with their new album “Unbesiegt” (“Unconquered”).
You reap what you sow. Wilde Jungs know very well what that means. Since their formation back in 2003, they were not to be detained by anybody, they were not to be led astray, they were happily plucking their opponents’ spokes out of their wheels. Still, the band’s engine began to fail. After great success in the charts as well as venues, the Deutschrockers’ explosive momentum came to an abrupt halt. “Back in 2004 we had a breakdown that nearly killed the band”, band boss Tyson bitterly looks back. “I wanted to continue but found myself unable to do it. I didn’t have any ideas, my mind was a blank.” That in itself is dramatic enough. For someone being lyricist, songwriter and producer at the same time, it is a cataclysmic catastrophe.
“Unbesiegt” is recalling this fight back to the light. It is a manifest of Tyson’s iron will to carry on against all odds, to come back to his feet after such a promising head start. The band leader focused on what the band was all about in their early days – and overcame the crisis with a vengeance. Thus, baptizing this album “Unbesiegt” is more than just a middle finger in the face of the antagonists still trying to push Wilde Jungs into a certain corner. It is the triumph over some very peculiar demons and a testimony of the unshakeable friendship that keeps the band together despite the very diverse nature of its four members.
You are bound to feel great when even the loudest critics are unable to stop the victorius march of your own band. Still this is nothing but a pleasant side effect for Wilde Jungs. Fast, strong, provocative and massive – this is how they present their very own version of German Rock and Roll. The explosive opener “Vorwärts über Gräber” couldn’t set the tone more effective: Smart words, huge pressure – a massive kingdom between Rock and Punk escalating quickly with following bangers like “Atmet die Gewalt” or “Steh auf”. This is nothing less that the essence of Wilde Jungs, forged into Rock anthems for troubled times. Four boys, four hearts, one goal: All or nothing.
The band has grown up. It has found itself. “Our lyrics strike a nerve”, Tyson says. “They talk about what needs to be talked about. They are not for any ideology to borrow.” They oppose capitalism, power and egoism, of course they do. Yet they don’t lack the occasional sardonic grin and bawdy humour in songs like “Senorita” or the drinking song “Voll oder nüchtern”. Yeah, we get it: Sometimes all that helps is a night out with the guys. Or in the arms of a lady.
Wilde Jungs are Wilde Jungs. There is no room for anything else. A bond for life, eloquent, free of compromises, ready to go places with “Unbesiegt”. “Money can’t buy you what we built”, Tyson emphasizes. “The system we live in is Orwell’s dream come true. The thinkers are mute and the poets sing what’s demanded. The big Punk bands of this country”, he points out, “have long since given up resistance.” Enough talking. Enter Wilde Jungs. The new unstoppable force of German Rock music.

01.    Boudicca
02.    Vorwärts Über Gräber
03.    Meine Richtung
04.    Atmet Die Gewalt
05.    Steh Auf
06.    Der Groschen Fällt
07.    Unbesiegt
08.    Hip Hip Hurra
09.    Voll Oder Nüchtern
10.    Tritt Herein
11.    Das Theater

Bonus CD:
01.    Diese Nacht Ist Heilig
02.    Senorita
03.    Mach Dich Nicht Zum Charly
04.    Gloria
05.    Eure Ordnung
06.    Schlachtfeld
07.    Auf Deiner Seite (Live)
08.    Ich Muss Nen Scheiss (Live)

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