ELOY - Echoes from the Past - Digipak-CD (incl. Poster)

ELOY - Echoes from the Past - Digipak-CD (incl. Poster)
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  • 06/23/2023
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Digipak-CD incl. Poster Genre: Artrock / Progressive Rock For Fans Of: Yes, King Crimson,... more
Product information "ELOY - Echoes from the Past - Digipak-CD (incl. Poster)"

Digipak-CD incl. Poster

Genre: Artrock / Progressive Rock
For Fans Of: Yes, King Crimson, Camel, Pink Floyd

"Echoes from the Past" will be released on 23.06.2023, the 20th studio album of the most successful German art & progressive rock band ELOY. It is also the 3rd album of a unique trilogy designed by band mastermind Frank Bornemann as a rock opera about the life and fate of the French national heroine and saint Joan of Arc. Sensitive & atmospheric passages alternate with powerful, dramaturgically shaped sound waves that will remind ELOY fans of earlier works.

For a long time, not much was heard about ELOY. After the break-up, few expected to hear from them again. But the creative spark was not extinguished. Together with keyboarder Michael Gerlach from Berlin, Frank wrote songs for a new album »Ra«, which was released in 1988. To the surprise of everyone involved it made it to the German charts. After the painful experiences with the old band, Frank kept the line-up to two permanent members plus studio musicians and guests.
Due to professional obligations, it was not feasible to continue ELOY right away. It was not until 1992 that there was another sign of life with the release of »Destination«. The sound involved fewer keyboards and more guitars now. Whether it was intentional or not, this mirrored the successful style of Frank's famous Hard'n'Heavy production company, Horus-Sound-Studios, rather than the essential ELOY sound. »Every step that we take is linked to our personal destiny, we cannot escape it.« According to Frank, this is the key message of the album.
1993 was a special year in the band's history with the 25th anniversary of ELOY the following year. It was to be celebrated with the ambitious »Chronicles« project, with two CDs comprising the best ELOY songs. Some of the material was re-recorded with the original cast, some was remixed or remastered. Klaus-Peter Matziol rejoined the band for this, making ELOY a trio. Inspired by the old song, they immediately started production of a new album which was intended to retain much of the original spirit. Autumn of this year saw the release of »The Tides Return Forever«, and, for the first time since the 80s, they were touring again. Backed up by drummer Bodo Schopf, guitar-player and keyboarder Steve Mann (both formerly of the McAuley Schenker Group) and backing singers Susanne Schätzle and Tina Lux they celebrated a quarter-century of ELOY, to the delight of many fans.
Due to public demand, there was a second part to the tour in 1995, and the second part of »Chronicles«. was released that year as well. »What more is to come?« asked Frank Bornemann? The answer was »Ocean 2«. This ambitious project also owed itself to the fan club, which had been set up for the tour of '94. At that time, there was simply no way of finishing ELOY off. The song writing and recording went on for a long time. In 1998 the 16th studio album eventually saw the light of day. Positive reactions everywhere sent the band on another tour. Unfortunately, this was to be the last sign of life from Germany's most successful progressive rock band for a long time.
In 2003, EMI released »Timeless Passages«, the ultimate song collection on two CDs. The product was graced with elaborate cover artwork, strongly suggestive of the band's heyday. Shortly afterwards, the last newly mastered old EMI studio albums hit the market. The back catalogue sold in respectable quantities, proving the interest of the fans was still alive. And so the people at Frank's label, Artist Station, which he founded together with Martin Kleemann, had to figure out a way of meeting expectations. In 2009, ELOY are celebrating their 40th anniversary. »The Legacy Box« DVD-set comprises a documentary on the history of the band, enriched with video clips, concert footage and TV appearances of the band. Many of the former and current members of the band have their say. Up to date? Yes, on the occasion of the anniversary, new music is being written and recorded. »Visionary«, is the title of the new album, set to challenge the best of the old ones. Frank has brought the band together again and inspired them to give their best. ELOY is back!
With no live dates on the agenda, is was often assumed that this album was only produced as a one-off gesture by the band to thank their fans for their decade-long loyalty. The DVD title »The Legacy Box«, also contributed to the impression that this was a final statement on a completed career.
However, the demand for further concert activities led to a real band reunion, especially with an invitation from the USAin 2011 to appear as headliner at the legendary Nearfest festival. Although this concert could not take place because Frank Bornemann had a serious accident and landed in hospital on the scheduled date, the band still appeared as headliner at two big festivals in Germany in autumn of the same year (»Herzberg-Festival« and »Night Of The Prog« at the Loreley), and performed a warm-up gig in Switzerland, their first live performance in 13 years. For the first time in their long career, Eloy also appeared on stage with six musicians (plus three guest singers), who were all still current or former original members of the band. The enormous response to these gigs,together with the constant demand from fans for further concerts, prompted the band to go on tour again with the same line-up in 2012 and 2013. The recordings made during the gigs were released as a live double album »Reincarnation on Stage« at the beginning of 2014, and immediately landed in the Top 40 of the official German album charts.
Mastermind Frank Bornemann then withdrew from live performance to devote himself to composing music and writing lyrics for a long-planned project, a two-hour rock opera on the subject of the legendary French heroine of the Middle Ages, Joan of Arc. This, the most elaborate work in Eloy's history to date, to which all long-term members of the band contributed in the studio, took almost five years to complete(!) and was released under the title »The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre« as a band version 2017 and 2019 on two separate albums. Both albums reached high chart positions, received top marks from numerous reviewers, and also attracted much attention at a cultural level.

01    Conspiracy        05:44
02    Compassion For Misery    03:04
03    Echoes From The Past    05:38
04    Danger            04:41
05    Deceptive Glory        05:09
06    Warning Signs        06:33
07    Fate            03:20
08    The Pyre        09:21
09    Farewell        05:18

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