DELIVER THE GALAXY - Bury Your Gods - Digipak-CD

DELIVER THE GALAXY - Bury Your Gods - Digipak-CD
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This product will be released on August 30, 2024

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  • 08/30/2024
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  • Deliver The Galaxy
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Genre: Melodic Death Metal On their new melodic death metal album "Bury Your Gods", DELIVER... more
Product information "DELIVER THE GALAXY - Bury Your Gods - Digipak-CD"

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

On their new melodic death metal album "Bury Your Gods", DELIVER THE GALAXY are offering you an intense and powerful musical experience with an even heavier sound than before!

Ancient Alien
In this scenario, the arrival of the alien god Sularis is depicted through a spaceship to convey to the listener the spaceship's entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Bury Your Gods
This song is about liberating from false gods, rebelling against deceptions, and moving towards a liberated future full of anger and determination.

The song lyrics talk about a clear mission zeal, the pursuit of victory, and overcoming obstacles on the path to conquering the universe, while the protagonists travel through space and time to achieve their goal. It emphasizes the determination, strength, and curiosity for discovery of the characters who remain unwavering until the end.

The song lyrics revolve around an immortal soul trapped in light, the stars burning out, and struggling with eternity.

Get Down
The song lyrics describe a world of confusion and control, where illusion and reality merge and the singer claims power over his listeners.

Dead Planet
The song describes a once vibrant world now surrounded by darkness and death, devoid of hope and dominated by despair, symbolizing eternal desolation and the end of any paradise.

The song lyrics depict the endless suffering and despair of an individual trapped in a grueling cycle of living, dying, and repeating. The dark atmosphere is intensified by describing pain, torment, and unquenchable fire within the protagonist's self.

The text deals with pursuing lost dreams in darkness and finding solace and peace in the shadows.

Path Of Existence
The text describes a wanderer on the path of life who finds solace in solitude and carries darkness within.

A song about a struggle through darkness and despair leading to inner strength and the pursuit of light.

Serpent's Lament
The song is about exposing a deceptive person who hides their true face behind an angelic facade but is ultimately seen through and unmasked. The lyrics describe the struggle against lies and manipulation, ending with the realization of truth and the strength to resist deception.

In Retrospect
The text reflects on a long and painful journey, displaying a reluctance to look back on past experiences and a determination to look forward and not dwell in the past, while also expressing the release of suppressed anger and the will to triumph.

PE3 represents the advanced version of its predecessor, PE2. This instrumental song conveys the cosmic breath of the universe through futuristic elements, melodies, and sounds.

1. Ancient Alien
2. Bury Your Gods
3. Insetopia
4. Unsterblich
5. Get Down
6. Dead Planet
7. Live.Die.Repeat
8. Shadows
9. Path Of Existence
10. Deathlight
11. Serpent's Lament
12. In Retrospect
13. PE3

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