KING DUDE - Death - Digipak-CD

KING DUDE - Death - Digipak-CD
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Full-colored digipak CD with cut-out and UV lacquer Genre: Luciferian Rock'n'Roll, Dark Folk... mehr
Produktinformationen "KING DUDE - Death - Digipak-CD"

Full-colored digipak CD with cut-out and UV lacquer

Genre: Luciferian Rock'n'Roll, Dark Folk

The 10th album!
I've always planned on ending King Dude with Death. I started out writing and recording these songs in my bedroom with no intention of anyone other than my roommates hearing them. I certainly didn't plan on releasing ten albums. Shortly after my first the success of my two EPs I knew that King Dude had the potential to become a problem for me. I worried the meager success I was experiencing could end up luring me into the trap of making King Dude records for the rest of my life. So in order to avoid that fate I planned out the rest of every King Dude album from that point on, ultimately deciding that four of the records should work as companions pieces to one another. Those four albums are Love, Fear, Sex and now finally Death. So as you can clearly see I've already made up my mind in this matter. Ten years ago. And there's nothing I can do to change it without lying to myself about what my life is. Death fulfills the pact I made with my former self and sets me free from acts of repetition and stagnation. It's a necessary, beautiful thing.

1. Death's Theme
2. O' Darkness
3. Her Design
4. Silver Cord
5. Everybody Goes To Heaven
6. Sweet Death
7. Cast No Reflection
8. Out Of View
9. Black And Blue
10. Pray For Nuclear War
11. Lay Waste To The Human Race

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